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Custom Wooden & Glass Doors

Would you like a custom door for your house, or tiny house?

Gunter builds custom doors for interior or exterior purposes. Give your house the special touch it deserves with a custom door that will make you smile every day.

Built from solid wood, or wood and glass, Gunter will design your door in collaboration with you. Your custom door will greet you and your guests with a proper welcome to your home every day for years to come.

A recent front door cost $1800 with materials, design, building & installation.


It's been a delight to work with Gunter on my tiny home. It's great to collaborate with a craftsman who gives space and time to my ideas while bringing his own expertise and knowledge to enable a beautiful finished product. He was always empathetic and responsive to all my questions and able to work to a deadline (seems like a minor thing but a godsend when relying on other tradespeople to work around each other).


Laura Beck

Laura's Dairy
021 114 9967

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