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Double Glazed Wooden Windows

Retro fitted double glazing on wooden windows

Designed and developed by Max Dorfliger, ‘Amazing Glazing’ is a double single glazing system, which utilises the existing single pane in a wooden sash, to which a specially run moulding with a second pane is added. The moulding, made of locally sourced macrocarpa, is made into a frame, joined with fillet-joints in the corners and screwed onto the existing sash.

This system gives an air gap of 32 millimeters between the glass panes and can be used on opening, fixed, or hanging sash windows. Single glazed windows are not only a source of heat loss, but create condensation, resulting in rot and mould, and leading to discomfort and in some cases allergic reactions and illness.

Amazing Glazing helps to increase comfort, reduce heating costs, and helps to make your home healthy at a reasonable cost.

Glass frames can be oiled or stained for a natural Macrocarpa timber look, or painted to match the decor of your room.

  • Better noise protection than standard double glazing due to the glasses differing vintages' ability to stop different frequencies of sound waves.

  • Reduced heat loss of up to 50% compared to single pane windows. This saves you money by reducing your power bills & environmental impact of excess energy consumption. Interested in how this works? Here is the math (or watch the beginning & end to get the summaries)

  • Condensation is a major issue on single glass windows. Water running down the window can cause damp houses and window frame rotting. This is drastically reduced with our double glazing. Occasionally you may get fogging between your panels, but over time the room moisture will reduce, along with the disappearance of your fogging. This creates a much healthier home environment.

  • Aesthetics are a major aspect of retro fitted double glazing. Traditional houses can remain in their original glory while providing modern levels of comfort and health. Also, windows come in all shapes and sizes. These custom windows are often difficult or impossible to replace with factory manufactured windows. Because we custom create your second window pane, we can make it almost any shape or size required, saving your custom windows.

  • Price - Fitting secondary glazing to bay windows, or other custom shapes can be very expensive with other solutions. Our techniques make this much more affordable. For example, a seven pane bay window cost less than $900 to install double glazing using our method. This is less than half the quotes provided by other technicians.


Custom Wooden Windows

Wooden framed windows are warmer than metallic windows both in look and in feel, as long as they are double glazed. The natural insulating properties of wood make them thermally more efficient than aluminium frames.

Wooden windows can be made to fit any shape or size that you want to fill with a window, making them an excellent choice for custom built houses, renovations, or tiny houses.


Well it's been almost a year since Gunter did our “Amazing Glazing”.


We had 4 windows done and had a skylight fixed up while he was here. I found his work very careful and accurate and as the windows were not a standard shape or size this was a big ask.


The result has been wonderful and we noticed a difference in the warmth and soundproofing in the home straight away.


The one window in the bedroom that was double glazed is NOT foggy and running with condensation, as compared to the others that weren't double glazed, which are foggy on cold winter mornings. 


Elizabeth Braggins and Stephen Johnston

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